Consulting & Training...in Assurance, Risk & Finance...that helps you get the right results!

Many businesses in UAE, the Middle East and globally, are increasingly finding that they need access to experienced and high quality Assurance, Risk Management and Financial Management to achieve their financial AND non-financial objectives, BUT do not have the size or inclination to hire their own dedicated Chief Audit Executive (CAE), Chief Risk Officer (CRO) or Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or to incur the fees of the ‘Big 4’ or other global accounting, auditing and advisory firms. This is particularly so in these disruptive times when rapid changes in business and personal environments are forcing businesses to get more effective results out of less.

For your business to survive and thrive in such an environment requires you to establish result-oriented Assurance, Risk and Finance functions, and then ensure they continue to provide real and lasting value. This is best achieved by getting on board an independent expert, with varied industry experience, who can slip into and out of a variety of consulting roles as needed, ie. a thoroughly professional approach, but without the constraints of a big firm as to "chargeability", "utilisation rates", "billable hours","staff bonuses", and so on! In other words, a consultant having the flexibility to provide focused and personalized attention to his clients from start to finish - which is the only way you will get real and lasting value for your fee investments. 

Do not underestimate the focus, expertise and value-generation capability of independent consultants. It's not just small and medium businesses, but even the largest organisations in the world such as GE, JP Morgan Chase, Toyota and HP, use independent consultants regularly for those very reasons.

LMCI's vision is a global business community where organisations across industries, sizes, ownerships and profit purpose have ready and affordable access to high value generating  Assurance, Risk Management and Finance consulting servicessuch that no business fails owing to the lack of such services, and businesses flourish amidst the rapidly changing environment, by taking advantage of these services, provided by independent and experienced experts, whose only focus is the continued success of the organisations they work with.